Cyber Liability

Are you covered if you are sued for a data breach?

Get the Right Cyber Liability Protection!

Don’t risk facing a lawsuit if your clients’ data is compromised.

Protect Client Data

Cyber Liability coverage is a must if you store or transmit patient data. Even if a third party company handles your patient data in paper or digital form, you still need Cyber Liability coverage.

Protect Your Assets

Protect from the costs associated with a major data breach, when confidential data such as patient records or personal financial data is copied, transmitted, stolen, or used by an unauthorized individual.

Affordable Professional Liability Products by Assurance4You

Affordable Rates for Professionals and Businesses

We are committed to offering affordable, high-quality products to behavioral and allied health professionals and businesses. We understand your everyday needs and pressures. That is why we offer solutions to protect and not break your budget! Get a customized quote, you’ll find we offer very competitive products with maximum benefits.

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